Medespoir, a cosmetic surgery agency and clinic in Turkey, offers a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures with affordable prices. Get a sculpted and rejuvenated body and face with skilled surgeons and an experienced medical team. Plan your stay in Istanbul now to discover the benefits of cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

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The Medespoir Offer of cosmetic surgery in Turkey

If you feel like undergoing a cosmetic surgery at an all-inclusive price and 70% cheaper than in France, book a place at one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey, as well as with the best plastic surgeons in Istanbul with Medespoir Turkey and enjoy your new look in a very economical and aesthetic way.

With a wealth of experience in organizing medical stays and cosmetic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, Medespoir is today's best medical service provider. Whatever the nature and type of your cosmetic surgery procedure in Turkey, you will be in good hands.

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Modern cosmetic surgery techniques

For all cosmetic surgery procedures in Turkey, our best cosmetic surgery partner clinics such as Aram Clinic, use state-of-the-art equipment and have operating theatres and rooms that meet European and international standards.

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Affordable cosmetic surgery rates and prices

Medespoir offers cosmetic surgery in Turkey at the best all-inclusive and affordable prices that include all the services of the medical stay.

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Trust our top board-certified plastic surgeons

All of our surgeons have long careers that provide them with the experience and skill to perform their cosmetic surgery procedures and provide patients with a result that meets their expectations.

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Care range and cosmetic surgery operations in Turkey

Medespoir Turkey offers several cosmetic surgery procedures during a medical stay at all-inclusive rates. This allows us to meet your needs and perform the precise surgical procedures to change the part of your body you want.

Whether it's the face, breasts, figure or even teeth or hair, Medespoir assures you of the collaboration of the best surgeons specialized in the requested discipline. You can, from now on, refine your nose, blur the wrinkles around your eyes, increase the volume of your breasts or buttocks or improve the contours of your figure while enjoying a pleasant setting in Turkey. It is also possible to improve your smile through the installation of dental veneers or even resort to hair transplantation.

Organizing your cosmetic surgery trip to Turkey

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Quick Medical Assistance

Just give us a call or send in a request for a consultation and we will take care of you. There is very little waiting time, if your request was sent during business days.

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Transportation airport - hotel - clinic

Transportation in Turkey will be guaranteed from the moment you arrive at the airport. In fact, Medespoir provides a vehicle with a driver to ensure all your travel.

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Optimal accommodation

We have selected the best hotels and/or clinics to accommodate and hospitalize you in optimal conditions of comfort and safety.

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Meticulous postoperative follow-up

After your surgery, and as soon as you leave the operating room, a rigorous medical follow-up will be carried out by our medical teams throughout your stay in Turkey.

Stages stay cosmetic surgery in Turkey

A rigorous review of your application

As soon as we receive your request for cosmetic surgery, a feasibility study is required to determine if the patient really needs to have this procedure done and if their health condition allows it.

Medical consultation before your surgery

A thorough preoperative consultation is performed even before arriving in Turkey. The patient is required to prepare his checkups and tests requested by the surgeon during his online consultation.

Surgical procedures according to the ethical code

The procedure differs from the targeted area and approaches that depend on the procedure itself and the associated operative actions.

Care after your surgery

Post-operative care provided by a team specializing in cosmetic surgery. All procedures performed all attempt to achieve the same goal of ensuring patient comfort and promoting healing after recovery.

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Cosmetic surgery benefits Turkey with Medespoir

Our cosmetic surgery clinic in Turkey is renowned for its advanced cosmetic surgery skills and exceptional results. We are committed to providing superior care to all of our patients by offering personalized solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our skilled and experienced surgeons have exceptional expertise in all cosmetic surgery procedures, including liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelift and facial rejuvenation surgery, and much more. We use modern and innovative techniques to ensure long-lasting, natural and harmonious results.

We pride ourselves on being equipped with state-of-the-art technology for cosmetic surgery, including the latest equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure accurate and reliable results. We also take strict safety and hygiene measures to protect our patients from the risk of infection or post-operative complications.

In addition, we offer a personalized consultation for each patient, where our expert team will discuss your cosmetic surgery goals with you and explain the options available. We will work together to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results, while addressing all of your questions and concerns.

Our cosmetic surgery clinic is committed to providing superior results while ensuring a pleasant experience for our patients. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and safety, and are ready to provide superior care to anyone seeking to improve their appearance and well-being. Contact us today to learn more about our cosmetic surgery services in Turkey.

Rates for procedures in our best Istanbul clinics

Medespoir's clinics in Turkey and its partners offer reasonable rates and affordable all-inclusive prices for cosmetic surgery procedures, which is different from what is offered in France and other countries in Europe. By choosing Turkey as your cosmetic surgery destination with Medespoir, you can save more than 70% on your surgery budget.

Intervention Price from
Breast Augmentation 2400€
Breast lift 2100€
Breast Reduction 2100€
Gynecomastia 2100€
Liposuction 1600€
Abdominoplasty 2100€
Thigh Lift 1800€
Arm Lifting 1600€
Rhinoplasty 2000€
Septoplasty $2350
Lifting malar $2100
Frontal lifting $2100
Cervical Facelift $2950
Complete facelift + 2 eyelid surgery $3350
Complete facelift + 4-eyelid surgery 3500 €
Lip lift $2750
Brazilian buttocks - BBL $3000
Mommy Makeover $2500
Eye color change €2000

Most commonly asked questions in cosmetic surgery - FAQ

Yes, the surgeons in Turkey are highly qualified and experienced in the field of cosmetic surgery. They are trained in the best medical schools and undergo regular training to stay up to date with the latest techniques and technologies.

Yes, cosmetic surgery in Turkey is safe, provided you choose a qualified and experienced clinic and surgeon. Clinics in Turkey follow strict safety and hygiene protocols, and surgeons take steps to minimize the risk of post-operative complications.

The cost of cosmetic surgery in Turkey depends on the specific procedure, surgeon and clinic you choose. In general, costs are often lower than in Western Europe or the United States, but without sacrificing quality of care.

Recovery time varies depending on the extent of the procedure you had, but in general, it is recommended to allow a few days to a week to recover before returning to work or traveling.

The pain experienced after a cosmetic surgery procedure varies depending on the surgery itself and the pain tolerance level of each patient. Some surgeries may be more painful than others, but in general, patients can expect to experience some level of discomfort and pain after a surgical procedure. However, cosmetic surgeons in Turkey take steps to minimize post-operative pain. Patients are often prescribed painkillers to relieve pain, as well as anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling and bruising.

There is no absolute minimum age for undergoing cosmetic surgery, as this will depend on the type of procedure and the individual needs of the patient. However, most cosmetic surgeons recommend that patients wait until they are physically and emotionally mature before undergoing surgery. In general, patients must be at least 18 years old to undergo surgery of a purely cosmetic nature in Turkey. This is due to medical reasons, as a teenager's body can still develop and change significantly. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, some reconstructive surgeries may be performed on children or adolescents to treat congenital deformities, injuries or physical abnormalities. In these cases, surgeons will work closely with parents and guardians to determine the appropriate time for surgery.

Like any surgical procedure, cosmetic surgery in Turkey involves risks. The most common risks are related to anesthesia, infection, bleeding, pain and scarring. However, if you choose a qualified and experienced clinic and surgeon in Turkey, these risks are minimized.

By opting for cosmetic surgery in Turkey with Medespoir, you can benefit from reduced waiting times. Waiting times for cosmetic surgery procedures are generally shorter in Turkey than in Europe or other countries. This makes it easier for you to plan your medical stay and get a quick and efficient procedure.
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Medespoir Reviews and Patient Testimonials

« My stay in Turkey for my hair transplant went perfectly thanks to Medespoir and its team who organized a dream stay for me. I was able to take advantage of my stay to visit some tourist sites while being sure to get rid of my baldness. »

Témoignages patients
Gabriel Reynaud45 years old

« A great experience! I made an appointment for belly liposuction and was admitted on the scheduled date. The front desk staff and medical assistant were very nice and helpful. The surgeon was great, he gave realistic expectations and time frames. I will definitely return and recommend Medespoir cosmetic surgery Istanbul, Turkey! »

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Mirielle35 years old

How much does plastic surgery cost in Turkey?

The price of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is 50-70% cheaper compared to European Union countries. Therefore, it makes sense for many people to travel to Turkey, have surgery there and even spend an extended vacation while spending less money than they would have to pay for treatment in their home country.

In addition, the cost of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is all inclusive, thus including all expenses related to the procedure. This includes the costs of the initial consultation, follow-up and post-operative care, the surgeon's fees, but also the clinic fees, as well as hotel and transportation.
Please request a free, no-obligation quote to learn more about the cosmetic surgery in Turkey offered at a cheap price.

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Testimonial from sarrah: complete liposuction + lipofilling